Compassion Fatigue

Was created to address the need for a credible and stable organization for professionals involved in traumatic stress treatment, education, and research. Dr. Coles is certified by the IATP as a Compassion Fatigue Professional.

Offers training and certification for Compassion Fatigue Educators, Compassion Fatigue Therapists, and others. ​


Strengths – 


Professional Quality of Life -- Elements, Theory, and Measurement explained on ProQOL site

Score yourself for Compassion Satisfaction, Compassion Fatigue, and Burnout on ProQOL test​


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Helpful Apps

Way of Life

Need help establishing a new routine, reinforcing a new wellbeing plan? This app is billed as the ultimate habit builder and breaker! You can setup a reminder for weekdays, weekends, or specific days of the week; add a custom message and choose whether the reminder includes an alarm. You can also view charts to see how you are doing over time. Tracking change is an important reinforcement and takes less than a minute a day to accomplish with this handy app. With Way of Life you can track 3 habits at no charge, more will cost you a one-time fee of about 5 bucks. That premium gets you no ads, multiple reminders, and backup capability. Available for iPhone. 

Insight Timer

This app is available on your computer via the Internet or on your smartphone. As of November, 2016, it offers several bell options for silent meditation and over 3,015 free guided meditations, music tracks, talks and courses by over 800 teachers in over 20 languages, with offerings increasing steadily. You can bookmark your favorites. I highly recommend this app for guided meditations on lovingkindness and getting to sleep. Insight Timer is rated as the top free meditation phone app. Available for Android smartphones and Apple iPhones.​

Provider Resilience

Developed by the National Center for Telehealth & Technology (T2) to help healthcare providers guard against burnout and compassion fatigue as they help veterans. This free phone app has quick surveys that provide data displayed on a dashboard to show one's resilience rating and time since last vacation. The dashboard's Resilience Rating gauge is based on completion of a Resilience Builders/Killers quiz that is recommended daily, a Burnout toggle chart recommended weekly, and a 30-question 5-point Likert scale, 5-minute ProQOL test that is recommended monthly. Other features include some cartoon jokes, simple exercises that can be done in the office, alphabetically sorted "value cards" based on virtues cards available from The Virtues Project. Also provides charts to track you burnout and ProQOL results over time. I have found this app very useful.  Available for Android smartphones and Apple iPhones.
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National Suicide Prevention Lifeline --

800-273-8255  Provides 24/7, free and confidential support for people in distress, prevention and crisis resources for you or your loved ones, and best practices for professionals.

National Alliance on Mental Illness - NAMI is the nation’s largest grassroots mental health organization dedicated to building better lives for the millions of Americans (1 out of 5 of us) affected by mental illness. NAMI focuses on education, advocacy, and reducing stigma by leading public discourse about mental illness. 

First Call - KC Metro help for anyone impacted by addiction.  816-361-5900  24/7 phone consultation.

Speak Up - Suicide Prevention Education Awareness for Kids United as Partners Foundation

Therapist Locator - When it is time to find someone in your area. Pick the type of therapy you are looking for, your insurance, and your city or zip code for a list of therapists in your area.

Psychology Today - Find A Therapist - Search by city name or zip code and then select insurance accepted, issues, sexuality, gender, age, language, faith, type of therapy, and online therapy. Can also look for nearest psychiatrist, treatment centers, and support groups.

Compassion Fatigue, Burnout,  & Substance Use Disorder Resources