Dr. Coles, our founder, is compelled to help others find the ability to continue to practice their profession after they have had problems with burnout, compassion fatigue, or substance use disorder

Hi. My name is Tad. I'm a veterinarian who has suffered with, and recovered from, compassion fatigue, burn out, and substance use disorder. I got certified as a compassion fatigue professional and peer recovery support specialist. Now I help others, especially healthcare professionals, maintain their resiliency and recovery.  I coach individuals, consult with organizations, and provide presentations for continuing medical education. 


I coach healthcare professionals, consult with healthcare organizations, and make presentations about compassion fatigue, burnout, substance use disorder, and recovery from impairment. I focus on preventative measures to diminish the effects of these conditions and help individuals develop and maintain a personal wellbeing self-care plan. 

I am certified as a Compassion Fatigue Professional (CCFP) and Missouri Recovery Support Specialist – Peer (MRSS-P) with 20 years of work in the recovery field and 25 years of continuous personal recovery from substance use disorder. For over 20 years I have worked as a Monthly Monitoring Group Leader for a non-profit, confidential organization that monitors health-care professionals, such as chiropractors, dentists, and nurses, recovering from addiction or other impairment. I also practice veterinary medicine part-time and work as a medical writer.

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Tad B. Coles, DVM, MRSS-P, CCFP

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