Why coaching?

​​Get started today! Use Compassion Fatigue Coach's Wellbeing Programs​​

Compassion fatigue coaching will help you find out how to recover your wellbeing after experiencing compassion fatigue, burn out, or substance use disorder.  As your wellbeing coach, Dr. Coles will help you develop a program to focus on continual improvement.

Working together we can get you back on track. 

Helping helpers continue 

compassionate careers they love

Release Stress & Find Serenity

​​Wellbeing Programs focus on continually improving your life balance with physical exercise, creativity, yoga, mindfulness, meditation, release of stress, and attending to the parasympathetic arm of the autonomic nervous system using evidence-based techniques. 

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We'll develop a safe, confidential space. I'll listen and learn about your particular situation. I'll help you set your own smart goals. Our routine contact will provide accountability. We'll discover paths to achieve  your goals. This provides structure for decision making so you can focus on pursuing your vision.

"Dr. Coles speaks from the heart and from experience. His authentic, uplifting presentations will open your eyes to the hope the veterinarian profession should have for our mental health renewal." 

Heather Loenser, DVM – American Animal Hospital Association;

Veterinary Advisor, Professional and Public Affairs

You will learn how to establish and maintain balance in your life: 

  • fill your well of compassion so you have more compassion satisfaction at work

  • make changes to address burn out so you do not dread going to work ​